• WheresTheDough
    My usual problem children, $AGNC, $NLY, $LNCOQ and $LNGG are acting up again today
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    • augmented reality: but how are the other kids doing?? Stay diversified. Cramer just kiboshed NLY -why take a loss; still paying u a great dividend?
    • NuclearNeil: Cramer put the kibosh on NLY? That is an indicator to take a look at it. Possible large upside.
    • WheresTheDough: Right. Cramer is a joke. I still have held onto my problem children. I have faith in them although Mr. Market doesn't right now.
    • augmented reality: big week upcoming as MREITS report..
    • nogeeks: Cramer is only a joke if you follow his advice as if it were Gospel. I watch now and then since very often good information can be gleaned.