Jack Krupansky
Taking A Little Break
NASDAQ To Bounce Around As People Digest The Impending Greek Deal
NASDAQ Stumbles, Seeks Direction
NASDAQ Seeks To Establish Stronger Technical Support In The 5100 Range
NASDAQ To Test Durability Of The Advance, Again
NASDAQ To Test Strength Of The Advance
NASDAQ Seeks To Establish Technical Support In The 5100 Range
NASDAQ Needs To Consolidate A Little
NASDAQ Wants To Bounce On Relief That The Fed Has Spoken
NASDAQ To Be Volatile Around Fed FOMC Announcement
NASDAQ Marks Time Waiting For The Fed
NASDAQ Waiting Impatiently For The Fed
NASDAQ Continues To Get Buffeted By Fed Anxiety
NASDAQ To Test The Enthusiasm Of The Hedge Funds
NASDAQ Itching For A Bounce
NASDAQ Poised For A Possible Bounce Or A Big Sell-Off
NASDAQ Fluttering In The Wind, Waiting For Catalysts
NASDAQ Feels So Much More Comfortable In A Trading Range
NASDAQ Due For More Consolidation
NASDAQ Remains Unsure Of Its Near-Term Trend
NASDAQ Bumping Into Resistance At The 5100 Level
NASDAQ Seeks To Surprise People Some More
NASDAQ Consolidation Continues
NASDAQ Struggles To Find A Near-Term Trend
NASDAQ Waits For The Other Shoe To Drop
NASDAQ Poised For More Needed Consolidation, But...
NASDAQ To Consolidate A Little Ahead Of A Long Holiday Weekend
NASDAQ Feeling A Little Tired And Shaky
NASDAQ Still Undecided About Short-Term Trend
NASDAQ Still At The Same Old Crossroads
NASDAQ Poised At Another Crossroads
NASDAQ Struggling To Decide Whether To Break Out