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EURUSD Finds Support Near 1.3485
EURUSD Breakout From Consolidation
AUDUSD Remains Buoyant Above Key Support
USDJPY Weakness Persists
EURUSD Rotating Toward Key Support
Kiwi/dollar Stalls After Huge Move Higher
GBPJPY Uptrend Continues After Inside Bar Breakout
Aussie/Dollar Strength Intact
EURUSD Explodes Higher As Uptrend Continues
AUDUSD Pushes Up Into Key Resistance
AUDUSD Pushes Higher
EURUSD Weakness Remains
Gold Moves Lower From Pin Bar Sell Signal
GBPUSD Tests Support, Forms Pin Bar
EURUSD Forms Fakey With Pin Bar Setup
GBPUSD Consolidates And Forms Inside Pin Bar Setup
GBPUSD Falls Lower After Pin Bar Signal
USDJPY Pushing Higher
EURJPY Consolidates, Forms Inside Bar Setup
Gold Breaks Up, Extends Bull Run
Gold Looking Strong Just Below Resistance
USDJPY Pushes Higher From Key Support
GBPUSD Lower After Inside Bar
GBPUSD Moves Higher, Key Resistance Overhead
USDJPY Breaks Lower
Spot Gold Market Consolidates But Remains Buoyant
EURUSD Pushes Up Through Key Resistance
AUDUSD Consolidates Below Key Resistance, Forms Inside Pin Bar
GBPUSD Remains Buoyant
USDJPY Falls Down Into Support
EURUSD Finds Buying Interest At Key Support
AUDUSD Moves Higher, But Bears Still In Control