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Life Is Not A TV Dinner
Sirens Make You Shiver Napalm To The Bone
I Would Not Fall In Love Like This
Werewolf Hero Pride And Joy
Hear The Black Death The Rising Moan
Walk A Crooked Mile
People Everywhere Blowin' A Fuse
Here Come The Pirates Babe, Don't You Touch That Dial!
I See What The Blind Man Sees
My Servants Rape The Land
Somebody's Screaming That The Sky Is Dark!
We Kill You 'Til You Die!
Kill The World
I Never Said That You Could See Me When I'm Dead
The Beast Behind Our Eyes Is Loose
Only Way To Feel The Noise Is When It's Good And Loud
Terminal Show
Kingdom Of The Worm
Back At The Funny Farm
Whorehouse Blues
All In The Name Of Tragedy
Out Of The Night Comes A Song That I Know, Twisted And Ruined And Black
Out Of The Sun
Welcome To The Murder Show!
Love Me Like A Reptile
Dog Face Boy (Probable Buys This Friday...)
Nightmare, The Dream Time (Part 2 - A Personal Rant)
Nightmare, The Dream Time (Part 1 - What I May Be Buying Into On Friday)
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
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Three Paycheck Month!
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