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Who are SA's contributors?
Over 15,000 people have contributed articles over the years. These include individual and institutional investors, fund managers, college students, retirees, analysts and basically anyone who wants to share investment insights and ideas with our community. You too can become a contributor today! For any assistance or questions, please contact And you can read Seeking Alpha's commitment to contributors here
Free Access to Seeking Alpha's Research Library
Seeking Alpha Essential offers subscribers access to our research library, covering thousands of stocks, many of which have little or no coverage elsewhere. Active authors receive free access to this reasearch library. 
Reach millions of active investors via our real-time alerts, newsletters, and content partners including Bloomberg, CNBC, MarketWatch, NASDAQ, MSN, Zacks, and Interactive Brokers. Our partners show links to articles which can be read in full on SA, driving traffic to your content. 
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Wide Syndication
Contributors have been featured as experts in their fields on TV programs such as CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business.
Showcase Your Ideas
Seeking Alpha contributors are regularly featured on such programs as Hedgeye TV's "Contributor Call" and Cheddar, which broadcasts live daily from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
Build Your Brand
Writing for Seeking Alpha is a low-effort, high-impact way to demonstrate your expertise to peers, potential clients, schools, recruiters and employers, and all forms of business contacts.
Access to Company Management
Companies pay close attention to what is written about them on SA. Some companies also contribute via articles and comments. Many contributors have been given exclusive access to company executives to get their side of the story.
Exclusive articles earn money based on traffic, content topics and quality. Earn up to $1,000 per article.
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Page View, Quality Score and Base Payments
Contributors earn payment based on a calculation of page views, quality score and CPM. See here for more details. Only premium articles (articles that are exclusive to Seeking Alpha) are eligible for these payments.
Article Awards
Articles may also be selected by as a PRO Top Idea (we publish one Top Idea per day). PRO Top Ideas receive guaranteed minimum payments of $1,000. See more details about becoming an SA PRO author. We also reward bonuses for single-ticker articles singled out by editors and readers.
Build a Business on the SA Marketplace
Launch your own investing related service directly on Seeking Alpha and get it in front of hundreds of thousands of interested readers. We provide full infrastructure and support; you provide the business idea. More details here.
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Full independence and control
The Marketplace gives you the chance to develop your own investing related product - newsletter, model portfolio, live chat, or other - so that you can best serve readers.
Investing communities
Marketplace services have become individual communities centered on the lead author's work. You can generate more interaction and engagement with readers, which will only reinforce your success.
Natural offshoot of investing
The best Marketplace services are natural outputs of an author's own investing. It takes time and commitment to grow, but it should overlap well with your existing investment work or business.
Real business opportunity
Several authors have built a $100K or bigger business during the first two years of the Marketplace. We're growing the author tool set and marketing abilities on SA, and we expect many more will join them and surpass these milestones.