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Most publicly traded U.S. companies host a conference call each quarter to discuss their financial results with investors. These calls often contain critical information about the company’s performance, economic environment, products and markets.

Transcripts of these earnings calls have become the preferred choice for most investors because they provide clear benefits over audio: they’re faster to consume, can be read at any time, and can be searched.

Seeking Alpha is the pioneer in providing free earnings call transcripts, because we believe they provide significant value to our readers. Our transcripts service has the following features:

Coverage: We cover 4,500 companies’ calls every quarterly earnings season. The list of the companies we cover is located here. This list is prioritized based on the companies which have the most subscribers to our real-time alerts product.

Turn-around time: We aim to publish earnings transcripts 6 hours after the call has finished for a 1 hour call.

Accuracy: There may be errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in our transcripts. Seeking Alpha does not assume any responsibility for your use of this content, and we strongly encourage you to do your own research. We aim to have an accuracy rate of 99.5% or better i.e. <1 in 200 words of the transcript contain a meaningful error.

Accessibility: The most popular way of accessing our transcripts is by email alert. Transcripts also surface under your portfolio, on stock quote pages (eg. CSCO), and in our Earnings Center. Additionally, links to our transcripts appear on Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money,, AOL Daily Finance, Google Finance,, and Marketwatch.

Search: Seeking Alpha’s powerful transcript search enables you to search across multiple transcripts from the site-wide search box. When searching for a keyword or phrase (example: inflation) the search results page will provide links to all transcripts where that phrase or keyword is used. On clicking through to the transcript page you’ll see each occurrence of the search term highlighted in yellow, and a unique URL allows you to email to a colleague a link to the transcript with the search term highlighted.

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