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The second quarter reporting period is fast approaching as we enter the month of October. Since the last earnings season ended with Wal-Mart's report on August 13th, the S&P 500 is up 4.73%. From our Interactive Earnings Report Database, we grabbed all stocks that reported last earnings season and calculated their performance since their last earnings report. This performance is calculated from the close on the first trading day following their earnings reports, so it does not include the big initial one-day moves.

As shown below, YRCW is up the most since its last earnings report with a gain of 231%. YRCW is followed by GCI (+161%), UAUA (+147%), BPOP (+146%), and ATPG (+136%). There aren't many big names on the list of winners, but the stocks that did make the list did something to grab investors' attentions. ARRY has done the worst since its last report with a decline of 43.5%.

Of the 2,221 earnings reports in our database from the last reporting period, 1,763 (79.4%) stocks are up since their last report while 458 (20.6%) are down.

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