Update: Bank Of America Downgrades King Digital

| About: King Digital (KING)


This morning BAC downgraded King Digital from buy to neutral.

My opinion on the company languishing until the share lock-up period expires is bolstered by the news, and my long-term thesis remains intact.

I alluded to the threat of a sell-off in late summer, as the share lock-up period nears, in my previous article.

This morning, Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) analysts downgraded King Digital Entertainment (BATS:KING) from a buy rating to neutral. They also reduced their price target slightly on the stock from $23 to $22. The catalyst for the reduction was due to a decline in the popularity rankings of certain games in King's portfolio.

In my original article, released on June 9th, when King was trading in the $17 range, I opined that the company presented a value at that trading level. Further, I cited several potential developments that could provide near-term upside, such as the accretive effects of the release of Diamond Digger Saga. However, I also tempered my article by stating King faced the looming share lock-up period expiration in September and will suffer in the later portion of the summer.

After the run-up to approximately $22 a share, I changed my outlook on King on July 3rd, citing a full valuation and the threat of an abundant supply of shares entering the market soon. Since that time, King has traded down and currently sits at roughly $19.75 per share. I expect shares to decline further, and eventually bottom out sometime in September, once the additional shares enter the market. If King falls to the $17 range once again, I will add it to my portfolio, if nothing material changes, as I believe it presents a value play at that level. Although its popularity of certain games may be declining, I believe in their ability to produce new games.

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