Ball Corp., Though Still Expensive, Makes A Solid Long-Term Investment Case

About: Ball Corporation (BLL)
by: Beulah Meriam K
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Beulah Meriam K
Medium-term horizon, long-term horizon, long/short equity

Ball Corp. is trading at a significant discount to its recent all-time highs.

Though valuations are still high, the stock is going through a period of correction that might not have ended yet.

Several internal efforts and important macro trends will keep driving growth in the medium to long term.

Take advantage of the correction and buy at the dips over the next four quarters, and wait for the upward momentum to kick in thereafter.

After surging more than 90% since last December, Ball Corp. (BLL) is now trading at a near-20% discount to those highs set toward the end of August and early September. Valuation multiples are