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Why We Are Dividend Growth Investors

|Includes: American States Water Company (AWR), CINF, DOV, EMR, GPC, MMM, NWN, PG, PH, VVC

We have all heard it... Stodgy, for old people, yawn, boring! These have all been used to describe dividend growth investing. As a dividend growth investor, I sometimes think our strategy is the most misunderstood. It seems everyone understands a traders mentality as evidenced by the numerous comments on capital appreciation - "Why would you buy that stock? It has been flat for 2 years."

Most understand the high yield investors mentality as noted by comments like - "Why would you buy that stock when you can buy Amalgamated Risk and it pays a 12% dividend?" Both of these strategies can be successful, as can a dividend growth strategy. Periodically, it is good to remind ourselves why we are dividend growth investors.

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