New Offerings Drive ETF Assets Up

by: Michael Johnston

Total ETF industry assets increased by $5.7 billion, or about 1.0%, during the month of June, driven by both new fund offerings and creation of additional units in existing funds.

Among the other highlights from the monthly statistical bulletin released by SSgA:

  • The total number of ETFs increased by 12 in June to 740. ProShares (9), PIMCO (1), iShares (1), and IndexIQ (1) all added new funds during the month of June.
  • Global ETFs (up 7.5%), dividend/fundamental ETFs (5.6%), and inverse/leveraged ETFs (5.3%) saw the biggest increases in assets during the month. International ETF assets declined 1.1% in June.
  • Assets in consumer staples ETFs jumped 20.4% in June, while materials ETFs lost 11.0% of assets. Materials assets are still up more than 55% year-to-date.
  • iShares remains by far the largest player in the industry, with $292.1 billion in assets (up from $290.7 billion). State Street ($143.5 billion) and Vanguard ($59.1 million) round out the top three. The industry’s “Big 3″ account for 83.5% of total assets, down slightly from 84.1% in May.
  • SPY ($20.9 billion in average daily trading volume) remains far and away the most actively-traded ETF, followed by QQQQ ($4.2 billion), IWM ($2.5 billion), and EEM ($2.4 billion).
  • By total assets, SPY is also the largest ETF, with $63.7 billion, or about 10.7% of total ETF assets. Next up are [GLD ($33.6 billion, 5.7%) and EFA ($29.3 billion, 4.9%).
  • ProShares saw total assets jump by more than 5%, due in large part to the launch of four UltraShort funds. ProShares has continued to launch new ETFs in July, recently becoming the first issuer to offer an ETF based on a 130/30 index.

State Street continues to separate PowerShares ETFs into two categories: 1) PowerShares and 2) PowerShares/Deutsche Bank Commodity funds. As reported by State Street, PowerShares is the sixth largest ETF manager, with $10.9 billion in assets.

Consistent with previous versions of their snapshot (but inconsistent with the way NSX data is reported), Bank of New York is attributed six funds: QQQQ, MDY, and the four PowerShares BLDRs funds (ADRA, ADRD, ADRE, and ADRU). If the 11 Deutsche Bank commodity ETFs and QQQQ are included in the PowerShares total, however, “franchise assets” surge to about $32.5 billion, making this issuer the number four fund family by a wide margin.

Disclosure: Long ADRE at time of writing.