UrtheCast: 3 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back

About: UrtheCast Corp. (LFDEF)
by: Dan Stringer
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Dan Stringer
Research analyst, micro-cap, nano-cap, long/short equity

UrtheCast had a middling financial year, though it made strides in improving the capitalization of its business.

Some substantial progress was made on both its next generation satellite arrays, which the market discounted due to the uneven manner it was made.

UrtheCast is in the final stages of obtaining project financing for UrtheDaily which will be a game changer for the company in growing its revenues exponentially within three years.

Please note all amounts in this article are in Canadian dollars, UrtheCast's reporting currency.

It has been a very volatile year for shareholders of UrtheCast (OTCPK:LFDEF), as the stock has swung violently in