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We Are The Champions

Mar. 09, 2021 7:01 AM ETESS, FRT, NNN, O, SKT, UBA, UBP, UHT, WPGGQ55 Comments


  • In case you missed it, I wrote an article last week titled "Washington Prime: Another One Bites The Dust."
  • I do hope WPG manages to make it out the other side of Chapter 11. I don’t think it can, but I want it to all the same.
  • That’s why I’m turning to another song and another company today.
  • This time, it’s "We Are the Champions."
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What’s your favorite song of all time?

You’ve got five seconds to answer starting from the moment I say “Go.” So, with that said:

On your mark…

Get set…


Five. Four. Three. Two. One. And stop! What’s your answer?

A few of you might have a legitimate one: An actual title instead of “Ummm…” or “I know I do have one.” But I imagine the majority of you are a bit stumped by this intro for a few different reasons:

  1. I put you on the spot when you weren’t expecting it.
  2. I gave you less than 10 seconds to work with.
  3. There are a lot of songs you’ve heard to sort through.
  4. You probably have more than one favorite.

I’ve mentioned a few of my own go-tos in articles over the years. For instance, Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” is a classic that at least makes my top 10 list. If not my top 3.

It’s that good, in my opinion, easily matching up with my favorite James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me. (Which makes sense since one was written for the other.)

But there are a few others that rank pretty high up there too – some of which I probably couldn’t remember off the top of my head if I was put on the spot. Fortunately though, I didn’t ask myself the question and therefore have no obligation to answer.

That’s just how it works when you’re writing an article. You get to call the shots.


“Shot Through the Heart”

Speaking of shots, I’m reminded of another song – a classic, if you will – you’ll no doubt recognize:

An angel's smile is what you sell. You promised me heaven and put me through hell. Chains of love got a hold on

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This article was written by

Brad Thomas profile picture

Brad Thomas has over 30 years of real estate investing experience and has acquired, developed, or brokered over $1B in commercial real estate transactions. He has been featured in Barron's, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and many other media outlets. He's the author of four books, including the latest, REITs For Dummies.

Brad, with his team of 10 analysts, runs the investing group iREIT® on Alpha, which covers REITs, BDCs, MLPs, Preferreds, and other income-oriented alternatives. The team of analysts has a combined 100+ years of experience and includes a former hedge fund manager, due diligence officer, portfolio manager, PhD, military veteran, and advisor to a former U.S. President. Learn more

Analyst’s Disclosure: I am/we are long SKT, FRT, NNN, ESS, O. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Note: Brad Thomas is a Wall Street writer, which means he's not always right with his predictions or recommendations. Since that also applies to his grammar, please excuse any typos you may find. Also, this article is free: written and distributed only to assist in research while providing a forum for second-level thinking.

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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Comments (55)

Retire2020 profile picture
Hi Brad, Thanks for the article. We need a "We will rock you" REIT. Lol. All the best.
I thoroughly enjoyed your article Brad. The 1st song that popped into my head within the 10 second parameter was a song by the Doors. "People are Strange" could describe me. I was able to ahhhhhh errrrrrr "RETIRE" at 55. I did this two ways.

The first was noooooooo debt. Mortgage, cars ect. all payed. The second started very young. At the age of 8 I walked into a bank and opened a account. At 15 I accumulated my first stocks, Coca Cola. My first REIT was O. After working at various places I have 8 retirement accounts. Moral of the story pay your bills and start a Roth IRA . Also contribute early and often!

Have a blessed day all

PS Michigan State Final For bracket buster! Why? it's March Madness, do you tally want to bet against Izzo?
Brad Thomas profile picture
@thebrucemac Odds Tracker: www.sportsbettingdime.com/...

UNC +6167
Michigan +482

I like long shots... Go Heels!!!

Thanks for reading and commenting...
Donggle profile picture
@thebrucemac what do you do with your time retired early and no toys?
@Donggle projects around the house. Small wagers at the casinos. Visit friends around Minnesota lake county.
Thank you Brad for all you do. I enjoy following your articles. You are a very smart and helpful individual. :)
for sure
How could bon jovi nor be considered a hair band?
Brad Thomas profile picture
🏀🏀 We just published our $CIO CEO interview at iREIT on Alpha.... get a front row seat .... March Madness Sale underway 🏀🏀
O or ADC? The cinema exposure worries me with O but I did buy some O in the low 50s? Add more O or stat a position in ADC?
Woke like Jesus aka Guy who thinks profile picture
@eesctom1 both:) different strategies, ADC more a growth REIT, O more an old reliable
Bullish UBA? I feel they will hike dividend soon.
Brad Thomas profile picture
@Stay_Liquid Yes, We plan to interview the CEO soon at iREIT on Alpha...come visit us and get 20% off during March Madness
Donggle profile picture
Freddie Mercury would not be welcome in your party. Why pirate his music?
bigdimmy73 profile picture
@Donggle ...... Freddie MERCURY !!! Whoa 🐸😖👍☘️🇺🇸

I want to break free. Lord knows 🤔
I love NNN, it opened my eyes to REITs. Thanks for the great article Brad!
Who will buy the assets of WPG?
Brad Thomas profile picture
@Bobbie B Good question.... I bought an outparcel in front of the Anderson Mall (Anderson, SC) many years ago (from SPG).... I would be interested in buying the mall (from WPG) for the land cost... perhaps WPG should convert to a C-corp and combine with PEI and CBL...?

Thanks for reading and all the best!
Austin Rogers profile picture
Thanks for the mention, Brad! I've learned a ton from you over the years, especially through your book "The Intelligent REIT Investor." By the way, I saw Lauren on a CNBC segment the other day talking about malls. Chip off the ol' block. I'm sure you're a proud dad. All the best!

*Not paid advertisement. I am not a paid actor.*
Brad Thomas profile picture
@Cashflow Capitalist Ha. Thanks for commenting.... My new book is being published in May.... I'll send you a copy.... this edition is a tribute to my friend and mentor, Ralph Block, and we are planning to publish it in multiple languages. Have a great week!
@Brad Thomas As a German investor who is invested in several REITs and always enjoys reading your postings here at SA I would really appreciate a German version of your new book.
As there doesn't exist a lot to read about REITs in our country maybe it could become a big seller here too.
So, just go for it.... ;-)
Have been holding O for years, thanks to Brad Thomas. Have established an UHT position over the past year, which I've been quite satisfied with.

Retired dividend-growth investor
Brad Thomas profile picture
@usiah Thank you for reading and commenting... Good luck!
TX Skeptic profile picture
My favorite song of all time: Wedding Song by Paul Stookey, played at my wedding 56 years ago.
phillipe profile picture
@TX Skeptic yes, mine also, 40 years ago.
You forgot another Queen classic: Under Pressure! So appropriate for tech right now.
Brad Thomas profile picture
@poepoe Good one! Maybe I can use that title in the future...

Thanks for reading.... come visit us at iREIT on Alpha :)

All the best - Brad
Woke like Jesus aka Guy who thinks profile picture
Hooray! Two of my biggest holdings! Of course I am just an educator so that means only 20 shares of ESS and 80 of O, but hey, it's a start. By the time I am 80 I might be able to retire;)
Brad Thomas profile picture
@A guy who actually thinks Congratulations! And you are not "just" an educator...you are part of the most important critical mission infrastructure on the planet.... THANK YOU for your service!!! Have a great week and thank you for commenting - Brad
theheckwithtech profile picture
Own them all.
Brad Thomas profile picture
@theheckwithtech Nice work! Thanks for reading and all the best. Brad
wal shoe profile picture
GS downgraded SKT today to 12 and recommends to sell.
Brad Thomas profile picture
@wal shoe Hmmm... I'll have to look at their note today. Thanks for reading and all the best - Brad
theheckwithtech profile picture
@wal shoe I saw that, and bought on the drop. They are always behind the curve.
thots on stag
Brad Thomas profile picture
@Carl 123 Bullish. Soundly valued IMO... wait on a pullback. Working on monthly dividend article now... We recently interviewed STAG's CEO at iREIT on Alpha...we have dozens of CEO interviews in video & transcripts....

Come join our growing service (2-week free trial)... All the best - Brad
Income4ever aka Cyclenut profile picture

Why does it seem O can't climb over $60 and hold like WPC can't hold at $70... once they conquer $60 and $70 they trade sideways or retreat.
Kmasse profile picture
@Income4ever aka Cyclenut Perhaps O is quite close to what the market considers fair value (Morningstar has it at 65). I have bought O on a few occasions when the price was closer to 50.
Ben Gee profile picture
@Income4ever aka Cyclenut High oil price will increase oil production and also reduce demand.
Brad Thomas profile picture
@Income4ever aka Cyclenut Enjoy it while you can.... 2021 is a great year for net lease....come get a free copy of our Sale-leaseback report: www.widemoatresearch.com All the best . Brad
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