Omega Healthcare: Continues To Rebound Off Its Lows - Dividend Yield Still Exceeds 8%

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  • Omega Healthcare continues to rebound off its lows and has rallied more than 30% since the beginning of May and 12.61% in the past month.
  • Even though OHI has appreciated, its dividend yield still exceeds 8% and OHI trades under its peer group average in price to FFO and EBITDA to total debt.
  • I think shares of OHI can continue to rebound and if additional news that is favorable comes out pertaining to struggling operators, OHI could make a run on $40 per share.
  • OHI specializes in triple net leases and when it comes to REITs these are arguably the best leases for a landlord to enter into.
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Omega Healthcare Investors (NYSE:OHI) experienced elevated levels of difficulty through the height of the pandemic, and more than 2-years later, there are still lingering effects. Some had written OHI off as select operators were unable to meet their contractual obligations, and the


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Omega Healthcare Investors


Omega Healthcare Investors

Price to FFO

Steven Fiorillo, Seeking Alpha

EBITDA to Total Debt

Steven Fiorillo, Seeking Alpha

Dividend Yield

Steven Fiorillo, Seeking Alpha

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