Storm Clouds In China: Luxury Automotive Beware

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  • Between the normal seasonal upturn and new stimulus policies, auto sales ought to be surging. Instead, October is down from July and below October 2020 levels. Data through November 20.
  • Of more concern to investors, NEVs actually fell in market share, and EV sales declined. The EV venture Weltmeister is in serious trouble.
  • Meanwhile, short-term headwinds include "zero covid" policies, declining real estate prices, and attendant bank and local government fiscal issues.
  • The bottom line: sell Chinese automotive stocks – particularly Tesla, BMW, Mercedes and VW – before the downturn gets fully priced in.

Green Energy Vehicles At 2022 Central China International Auto Show

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It wasn't supposed to be like this.

To boost the economy, at the end of March, the Chinese government cut the sales tax for vehicles in half. Assorted local and provincial governments added their own measures, such as a cash-for-clunker

Chinese sales seasonality

Data from 车市扫描 reports at; author's calculations.

Sales seasonality, less cluttered

Data from 车市扫描 reports at; author's calculations.

2022 breaks the seasonality pattern

Data from 车市扫描 reports at; author's calculations.

Partial sales data, Nov 2022

Underlying data are from the weekly Chinese Auto Dealers Association sales reports; author's calculations.

Inventory levels, Chinese automotive retail

CPCA inventory reports, in Chinese

Inventory levels during 2017 peak sales year

CPCA inventory reports, in Chinese

rolling 12 month sales

Author's compilation from Chinese-language CADA reports

rolling 12 month sales, different scale

CADA weekly sales reports, in Chinese

Monthly sales and NEV sales

Author's database, compiled from 车主指南 and other sources.

Quarterly total sales and NEV sales

Author's database, compiled from 车主指南 and other sources.

SAIC MG car for sale in Philippines

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Unique utility vehicle

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