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An Open Letter to APWR Management in Shenyang , China

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR)

Sometimes in life, one must take a stand and I am going to “”STAND UP”"”‘ and let APWR management hear what the shareholders have to say about APWR lack of transparency to run your company to American Investors standards. First and foremost, the APWR management must study the word “”TRANSPARENCY”"‘ for investors because I have been one of your largest supporters and backers, but even I , the biggest BULL you have for your company, is fed up with the lack of transparency for this potentially great growth company.

Transparency is about being open and truthful in your contracts and your future plans and your game plan on how to enhance and drive shareholder value. Mr Lu, with 15 million shares, I would think you too would be very unhappy with your stock price and the direction of your company and given your recent ””You American Investors will be very satisfied”” comments’, well,, you might want to look up the definition of ”very satisfied ”’ because from $21 to $11 makes me one pissed off shareholder and upset enough at the lack of transparency to call the management onto the carpet of reality.

APWR management continues to “”OVERPROMISE and UNDERDELIVER”’ which has been present ever since the MOU of the Macua Project for 1.5 billion……… about an UPDATE on the 1.5 Billion Macua project????? And, the Texas 1.5 billion wind farm………….all I have heard and seen was a ”horse and pony”” photo operation of missed deadlines and unknown direction or progress. Today is Feb 10th and we have NOT heard a word from APWR management since the Rueters interview 45 days ago on the Texas Wind Farm.

China Wind Farm contracts and your ”largest wind turbine plant in China”??????? I am personally sick and tired of your pompous promises and yet continue to fail to deliver any solid results for wind turbines……… about an UPDATE on your plans and your progress after continously missing wind power deadlines and estimates for over a year. This company has the potential to become a MONSTER of revenue growth and profits but most investors still doubt you even have a factory because we never see PICTURES or VIDEOS of your plant in progress, ie WORKERS ASSEMBLING WIND TURBINES, TRUCKS MOVING WIND TURBINES, WIND TURBINES BEING ERECTED. Any trained 12 year ole with a video camera can accomplish this and put the pictures and videos up on your HORRIBLE WEBSITE. Speaking of that atrocious website, look at Yuanda and then compare your first grade attempt at website and progress. If you want to become a world class China power producer, spend a few dollars and redo your horrific website to match your growing revenues and potential net income of becoming a world class company one can be proud of owning if you are a long term American investor.

And speaking of ”’Transparency, ”, your investor relations group is the most bungling of embarrassments I have ever seen. Phone calls NOT returned, emails NOT answered, I am wondering why you even waste money to have Grayling as your spokesperson cause they OBVIOUSLY dont understand transparency unless you in the APWR management are NOT listening to their feedback on how to attract investors to your green energy company.

And lastly, if I have to “”CALL YOU OUT”"‘, you obviously are NOT doing a very good job of transparency are you ???????? I would personaly grade your company a “”F”" for Transparency and if you are not familiar with grades and American culture, an “”F”" is a FAILURE.

What is needed to change this transparency issue are the following::

1. Videos of the Wind Turbine Factory
2. Pictures , big wide pictures , and LOTS of pictures of your workers assembling wind turbines………In America, we have a saying, ‘”" A PICTURE TELLLS A THOUSAND STORIES””, if you have wind turbines being assembled, show the world what you have !
3. Better website…….any child could build a better website than the current APWR website
4. Guidance, Coverage, and ”’Battle Plans” of how you the management are going to enhance shareholder value besides Mr Lu’s bravado and over hyped promises of ”’Being Very Satisfied Shareholders””’

All in all, I continue to HOLD my shares but until I see some changes, I will continue to “”CALL YOU OUT”" and post how much of a bunch of pissed off shareholders you truly have. IN AMERICA, its called ”’FREEDOM OF SPEECH”"”" and I am one pissed off shareholder which has a LARGE FOLLOWING on Twitter and will continue to point out your weaknesses tilll you change.

Shareholders of APWR, please POST your thoughts to the MANAGEMENT of APWR of what you need to see before you buy more shares of APWR ! Keep it clean or I will DELETE your posts.

Author is LONG APWR

Disclosure: Author is LONG APWR