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The case for owning physical gold and silver--Controversial

We live in extraordinary times and it is important that you are educated.  There are several structural issues that our economy faces which has the potential to change our standard of living in the years to come:


Physical gold and silver (bullion not proof) are not investments but rather hedges (or insurance) against a currency crisis.  They will not multiply your wealth but merely preserve it.

Stocks on the other hand can multiply your wealth.  Junior miners as well as several natural gas, resource, and a few technology company are high potential candidates for profiting from market distortions that the Central Bankers have created.

Agricultural investments such as farmland and agricultural products should be better investments than precious metals as they produce goods and returns whereas you gain no dividends with PMs.

Some people suggest guns and ammo to defend your property, I advise you to use your own discretion regarding this.

However be aware 95% of junior miners are crap due to poor management and will never amount to anything and your entry is very important for optimal gains as they are the most volatile asset class on the face of this planet with 90-95% losses but 100-10000+% gains if you get an optimal entry.