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Lammert Quantum X/2.5x/2x Saturation Asset Growth Curves and the CRB's Collapse ahead

Lammert Quantum Secondary X/2.5x/2x Saturation Asset Growth Curves and Commodities: Lower Lows Ahead.

The central banks' enormous push on the string is nearing a natural end. Recent postings about Google, the Wilshire, US treasuries have established the dominant secondary  Lammert growth and decay fractal patterns after Saturation Macroeconomcs predicted 11 October 2007 Wilshire peak.

Since the 2009 equity lows great central bank ZIRP enhanced speculation has occurred reinforcing the natural secondary growth in equities with mutual fund cash levels near 11 October 2007 lows. Financial industries which are now synonymous with banks use the nations' money systems at will to fabricate self wealth. This is a politically  sanctioned  criminal usurpation of the nations' money system - a 12 sigma efficient no risk money making scheme against the real economy and real citizens who are suffering more than needed at this historical time of world asset and debt staturation under the extreme excesses that these same financial institutions created.   These same financial industries will manipulate the system to fabricate more wealth during the next inevitable equity and commodity devolution. 

 Investment  money is ultimately bounded  by repayable and nonrepayable  debt and payable and nonpayable entitlements and subject to the real economy's real jobs, real wages, and taxable asset and wage wealth,  - that resulting contracting investment money self organizes itself into quantum fractal growth periods and decline just as biological native DNA self-organizes the unfolding of embryological development.

Observe the weekly quantum progression of copper, a real economy useful commodity. From it lows a 9/21/18 week  three phase Lammert saturation growth fractal series is clearly observed. Observe oil; it has the same 9/22/18 week three phase  fractal growth sequence.
In observing CRB futures an incipient or starter fractal of 4 weeks is observed with the next 9 week secondary base fractal resulting in a negative lower low valuation and pointing the way for future intermediate term commodity price direction. The futures CRB fractal is (4)/9/21/18 weeks.

For gold and silver the progression is slightly different with a 10/26/19 week three phase fractal growth series. While commodities collapse over the next 13 weeks it is possible for gold to have a x/2.5x/2x-2.5x extension to 10/26/20-25 weeks which could match a US dollar weekly progression of 11/27/22/13 of 17-18 weeks reaching an ideal x/2.5x/2x/1.5-1.6x weekly secondary low.