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Does AAPL Have To Fall On Your Head For You To Get The Picture?

The fall from 700 to 485 is what usually happens when a stock has run north for three years nonstop.

Think of it this way; if you wanted any, why at 700$? What did you have to gain @ 700?

if you want any now, why not 500? Would you rather pay 700 for it?

The numbers will tell the story. This market has MANY billion dollar companies that are lying about revenues, in massive debt, using accounting tricks to pay their executives for free in stock that never falls, and just straight out old fashioned pyramid schemes. There are dozens of stocks (ETNs) that are hopelessly broken and should almost never be touched.

There is only one company like this. It is a cash storm. There is nothing else like it. There always are doubters and there always will be. So what?

I dont really like their products. I think the Galaxy S III is a fine phone, but you can't trade samsung or HTC stock. You can buy aapl at 500. If they miss and the 'story' is confirmed, then you lose 40-60 if you sell right away. If they hit, like they have for every quarter for four years, then you get 50-80 in a week and 200 in three months.

What bet do you like?

Disclosure: I am long AAPL.